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zoyz.com works hard to stop abuse and infringement of legal rights by use of our website. As is understandable, due to users uploading content when making their own websites, we do not have control over all of the content that is uploaded. You can find the information about filing abuse reports below. Please follow all instructions so CardPage can help you resolve your abuse complaint efficiently. Note that any statement by a CardPage employee or representative relating to abuse complaints is not legally binding and cannot be considered a promise of action. CardPage asks that all users report illegal activity and abuse through the forms below - General Abuse and Copyright Infringement. You can also send an email to abuse@CardPage.com. Please include in the "subject" field of the email the following details: The name of the offending domain or website (for example, abc123.com) and the type of abuse (i.e. illegal or illicit activity, personal harassment, copyright violation, etc.) Upon receiving any report, we will respond to all email requests within 1-3 business days.
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